Packing Department for Export


The F.Z Trading is capable to pack stones with the best quality ever with guarantee in perfect delivery.

The several sizes of stone- packing  in Unlit are as bellow:


Packing Foam 20 Cm                                       Packing Foam 25 Cm

For stone packing in 25x25 cm                           For stone packing in 20x20 cm

Internal dimension 25x25x10.5 cm                      Internal dimension 20x20x10.5 cm

External dimension 29x28.2x14.5 cm                   External dimension 24x23.52x14.5 cm

Packing Foam 30 Cm  (two type)                       Packing Foam 40 Cm

For stone packing in 30.5x30.5 cm                     For stone packing in 40.5x40.5 cm

Internal dimension30.5x30.5x10.5 cm                  Internal dimension 40.5x40.5x8.4 cm

External dimension 25.5x25.5x16 cm                   External dimension 46.8x44.5x12 cm


Unlit slab

For use inside wooden palette

In length & width of 200x100 Cm

The diameter is 0.7 Cm & more with various densities.


In case you want to purchase stones of a greater size. We will offer you the products in wooden or Unlit boxes. Stone packing Foam in the form of angle & buffer ness. For use inside wooden Palette to pack stones. With various size: 60x30 60x60 45.7x45.7,. cm


(instead of Unlit slab)


Angle dimensions: length 100 Cm, width 2 Cm. Internal with & high 8 Cm

Buffer dimensions: length 100 Cm, width 2 Cm. Internal with & high 5 Cm